OKS began its activity as a manufacturer of central heating and radiator hoses in 1976. By the year of 1990 it tended to produce rubber profiles entirely. Instutionalizing the firm since 1993, O.K.S. OTNAR RUBBER INDUSTRY  has always pioneer and respected role as an integrated foundation in this sector.

      The only firm in Turkey that has production range  about 3000 various rubber profiles and up to 10000 special process ability, includes EPDM, NBR, NR, SBR, CR, SILICONE, FKM and CELLULAR based rubber compounds.

      OKS meets also the rubber product needs of public sector like Defence Industry, TUBITAK-SAGE etc. beside the private enterprise.İncreasing its contribution to our industry , OKS with its capabilities, determined to perpetuate this mission.

      So many required tests are feasible in its modern laboratory in order to has continuity of reached quality standards.

O.K.S.’s  quality management certified by ISO  9001:2015. Additionaly the firm attaching importance to have all staff participate in  quality system workings that  ensure them improving their individual and professional capabilities.

      The aim is to determine of various customer needs and getting productivity thus meeting the customer wishes continously.İt’s planned to reach mentioned marks with widespreading systematic studies,process improvements and scrutinizing methods regularly in order to attain the quality and process objects.


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